This orchestral conducting course is intended to fulfil the requirements of the established musician who wishes to gain and build basic technical and interpretive conducting skills. It would also form an ideal preparatory course for the conductors’ course taking place in week two of the summer school.

The emphasis will be on practical work for all, including regular sessions on baton technique, score preparation and rehearsal technique. Observers are encouraged and are involved in many aspects of the course including the technique classes but do not receive individual tuition. It is hoped to form, from within the class, an instrumental ensemble to facilitate practical work and to this end all orchestral instrumentalists, be they participants or observers, are encouraged to bring their instruments. Provision will also be made for extra sessions with a larger orchestra.

In all cases, the nature of the work assigned will be at the discretion of the course director. It is recommended that students prepare the repertoire thoroughly before commencement of the course.

Repertoire (Any reputable edition is acceptable but in case of doubt the following editions are recommended)






Egmont Overture, Op.84

Roumanian Folk Dances for Small Orchestra  

Symphony No.104 in D major (London)    
Eight Russian Folk Songs, Op.58

Symphony No.8 in B minor, D.759

Universal Edition

Free download: IMSLP #64332


Practical Conducting Course                 28 July to 4 August

Rodolfo Saglimbeni

Course Director

Score Learning Techniques Private lessons in score learning skills will also be available out of session time from John Longstaff. These will cost £25.00 per half hour and are open to all members of the summer school. Lessons can be booked at the school through the summer school office.

Rehearsal Techniques for Youth and Amateur Orchestras One evening, Rodolfo Saglimbeni will give a talk on the setting up, rehearsal techniques, programming and the care of youth and amateur orchestras. This will be in addition to the course curriculum and be open to all members of the course without extra charge.

assisted by John Longstaff

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Please note. The summer school does not have a music shop on site. Students should purchase their course materials before they arrive at the school either from their local music shop or from our nominated internet supplier, Forsyth Music. The following address will take you straight to the Sherborne Summer School of Music section of Forsyth’s website where you will find the music for your course ready to purchase: