Communicate Through Singing           4 to 11 August  Masterclass for Singers

Stephen Varcoe

Course Director

Alex Jenkins and Martyn Noble répétiteurs and vocal coaches

This class is open to all aspiring solo singers whether experienced or inexperienced, confident or reticent and of any age. In a friendly, positive atmosphere, singers will perform to the class and receive advice on technique, musicality, language, interpretation and presentation. Stephen Varcoe will encourage singers to find and communicate the meaning of what they sing and will offer comment at all times in a way that will stimulate the interest of all class members.


Singers should bring repertoire of their own choice, whether it be songs or arias (or both) - all languages are welcomed. However, if singing in a language other than English, students are asked to bring a translation. There will be time to work on four items at least during the week and perhaps as many as six. Songs need not be memorised but they must be well-prepared

Students will be able to rehearse their pieces with the class accompanists usually immediately before their class lesson. Please remember to provide copies of your pieces for the course tutor and the accompanist.


The course will give two public concerts at the end of the week. The selection of pieces and participants for these concerts will be at the discretion of the course director and his professional colleagues. The class will be limited to twenty participating students, observers are also welcome.


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