A Journey through Jazz                      4 to 11 August

Mike Hall

Course Director

A Journey Through Jazz  will guide students through the essential features of the jazz idiom. Newcomers to jazz will find a sympathetic and supportive environment in which to take their first steps, while more experienced students will be provided with challenging material and ideas to extend their existing improvisation skills.

The course is based around the rehearsal and performance of some eight carefully structured jazz arrangements. Each year the pieces are largely built around the music of a significant figure in jazz history. This year, the theme will be the music of the trumpeter, Dizzy Gillespie.

Participants should have a reasonable command of their instrument, although no formal qualifications are required. The course will look closely at the process of improvisation and explore different ways of approaching this creative musical skill. It is stressed that no previous experience of improvisation is necessary and we particularly welcome musicians with classical skills wishing to explore jazz for the first time.


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