Week 1    31st July to 7th August


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Weeks 1 & 2

Choral Workshops

Early morning Chi Kung

‘The Art of Song’ seeks to empower and enable singers of all abilities to reach their full potential. A collaborative ethos will encourage singers to learn from each other as well as from their course leaders. In class, everyone’s voice will be explored through technique, style, text, colour, context and body language. There will also be a focus on breathing, posture, presentation and making it fun!

Singers should bring four or five pieces that they enjoy singing. At least one should be in English, another should be German Lied and a third should have been written during their lifetime. Songs should vary in period, language, style and tempo and could include a song cycle if desired. The music should be comfortably within the singer’s vocal range and if possible, at least two of the pieces should be memorised. The better you know your pieces the more profitable your lessons will be. Students will be able to rehearse their pieces with a class accompanist immediately before a class lesson - please remember to bring copies of your songs for both the accompanist and the tutor.

There will be opportunities for those of a suitable standard, if they so wish, to perform in public. The class will offer two concerts towards the end of the week. The selection of pieces and participants for these concerts will be at the discretion of the course director and her professional colleagues.

The class will be limited to twenty participating students.  Observers are also welcome.

Masterclass for Singers

‘The Art of Song’

Linda Hirst course director

Alex Jenkins and  Martyn Noble répétiteurs and vocal coaches